ST Case 23

Advantages with ST Analysis


A 35 year old G1P 0. Gest.week 39+3. Admitted to hospital with PV bleed. Normal pregnancy. Induction of Labour for a small PV bleed.

  • 15.27 VE: Cx 1 cm long, dilated 2 cm, vx-2. ARM performed, pinkish liquor draining. FSE applied and ST Analysis initiated.
  • 15.48 Oxytocin infusion started.
  • 16.05 Epidural sited on maternal request.
  • 19.30 Obstetrician called to room. VE: Cx fully effaced, 3 cm dilated, vx -2. Ob-stetrician decides to perform cesarean section.
  • 19:50 Baby boy born. Birth weight 3940 g.

Apgar score: 9/10.

Cord gases

pH pCO2 BE
Artery 7.27 7.9 -3.9
Vein 7.31 7.1 -1.2



A case that shows the advantages of ST Analysis as a support to the CTG trace. When the ST Event occurred the first step is to improve the fetus environment. There are episodes with too many contractions/10 minutes. The first step is to stop oxytocin, on the other hand it is still early labour.

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