CTG Case 22

Intrauterine resuscitation


A 21 year old G4 P3 in gestation weeks 40+7 with normal pregnancy is admitted to the labour ward in spontaneous labour since 01.00 am.

  • 07.05 VE: Cx fully effaced, 8 cm dilated, vx at 0 station, intact membranes.
  • 08.05 Labour continues.  ARM, clear liquor draining. FSE applied.
  • 09.07 VE:  Cx fully dilated, vx +1. The patient is coping well and using breathing technique. Trying to improve the CTG tracing by changing position to left side.
  • 09.18 CTG tracing is normal after maternal change of position.
  • 09.50 Patient feels a strong urge to push and active pushing starts. Vx visible when pushing.
  • 10.13 SVD. Baby girl born. Birth weight 2995 g.

Apgar score: 9, 10, 10.

Cord gases

pH pCO2 BE
Artery 7.30 7.8 -2.2
Vein 7.36 6.4 -1.8



Intervention such as changing maternal position is a first step to improve fetal condition. In this case there was an improvement and the patient had a normal vaginal delivery.

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